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The 2024 VEX Robotics Educators Conference (April 29 - May 1, 2024, in Dallas, TX) is a premier event for computer science and robotics educators. This conference occurs during the VEX Robotics World Championship and aims to bring educators from various backgrounds to share insights, strategies, and experiences teaching robotics and STEM & CS education. Attendees will be able to participate in hands-on workshops, listen to keynote speeches from leading experts in robotics education, and network with peers from around the globe.

The conference focuses on integrating VEX Robotics into the classroom, providing educators with the tools and knowledge to inspire and engage students in STEM. Sessions will cover various topics, including curriculum development, classroom management strategies for robotics education, and the latest trends in educational technology. Whether you are a seasoned robotics coach or new to the field, the 2024 VEX Robotics Educators Conference offers valuable resources and a supportive community to enhance your teaching practices and enrich your students' learning experiences.

This event is an excellent opportunity for CSTA community members to connect with fellow educators, discover new teaching methodologies, and explore the future of robotics education. Take advantage of this chance to empower your students and transform your classroom with the power of robotics.