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This 4-hour online PD course helps high school CS teachers introduce important cybersecurity principles in their CS classrooms. It provides full lessons with hands-on, inquiry-based activities that allow students to explore for themselves how cybersecurity works.
We designed this online professional development course to provide a flexible, deep learning experience that you can complete at your own pace. Course content includes meaningful and interactive activities focused on application to your CS classroom -- you’ll do a lot more than just read and watch. Plus, you will experience asynchronous collaboration with other CS educators as you both give and get feedback and exchange ideas.


~4 hours (complete at any pace within the 10-week session; you can enroll anytime before March 1, 2024)


  1. Prepare to teach lessons on threat modeling to introduce “the security mindset” and an overarching framework for cybersecurity.

  2. Engage students with a red team/blue team secret keeping brainstorming activity.

  3. Explore threat modeling as applied to a physical domain, like a house.  Make connections to the cybersecurity domain.

  4. Learn and explain key cybersecurity vocabulary and ideas in more depth.

  5. Guide students in elaborating their knowledge through a threat modeling exercise using "security cards".

  6. Experience an evaluation activity to interpret cybersecurity issues in the news. 

  7. Preview additional lessons on key security concepts like authentication and social engineering.

Teacher Standards Alignment

  • 1c. Model networks and the Internet
    Model how computing devices connect via networks and the Internet to facilitate communication, and explain tradeoffs between usability and security.

  • 5a. Use inquiry to facilitate student learning
    Use inquiry-based learning to enhance student understanding of CS content.

Spring Session

You will receive full access to the online course for a 10-week term from Jan. 8 to March 1, 2024. You can complete the course by spending about an hour per week or completing in brief sprints. While we have suggested timing, you may complete it at your own pace.
Upon completion, you will receive a signed digital certificate indicating completion of 4 hours of professional learning.
When the term ends on March 17, 2024, you will no longer be able to make progress towards your course assignments and activities, but you will still be able to access course materials.


  • $39 per participant
  • Free for CSTA+ members - please make sure you're logged into your CSTA+ account prior to clicking "Register"($50 annual membership)

Access for All Teachers

Our goal is to support any K-12 CS educator who wants to take this course in completing it. The course is free for CSTA+ members. If you are unable to pay for this course, please email membership@csteachers.org to ask for a scholarship.
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